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With studies of both men and women consistently ranking a flat stomach as one of the opposite sex’s most attractive features, fat reduction has become a much sought after service across Melbourne.

To put it simply, both men and women today want a flat stomach and fat reduction treatments can be a fast, safe way to turn that desire into a reality.

Cryolipolisis, also known as ‘Cool Sculpting’ or ‘Fat Freezing’ has been around since 2010 but with the improvements in technology, has now become one of the best ways to get rid of stubborn fat deposits from specific areas of the body like the tummy, love handles and the inner and outer thighs and arms.

Fat freezing carries a number of benefits that other fat reduction treatments, such as liposuction, liposculpting and abdominoplasty may not, including:

  • No painful surgical incisions are required
  • It is considered to be a low risk procedure with no risk of infection
  • You will not need to be sedated or anesthetized for the procedure
  • You can have more than one area of the body treated in a session
  • Recovery times are minimal and don’t require time off work and gives you the ability to resume normal activity immediately after treatment
  • Unlike other methods, the treatment does not result in nerve fiber, blood vessel, muscle or skin damage
  • Treatments are fast meaning that you can have a treatment in your lunch break
  • Treatments are cost effective, doing away with the need for expensive options such as liposuction


Belly fat, or abdominal fat as it is often called, is commonplace today. Take a look around and you’ll see this has reached epidemic proportions throughout the world.

Whether it creeps up on us with age, settles around our tummies after the festive season, or refuses to budge after child birth, over half the world’s population is battling with belly fat.

That’s why fat freezing in Melbourne is growing in popularity. Many people view excess fat around their bellies as a problem area that needs to be covered up or are embarrassed of.

The good news is modern technology has led to the creation of new solutions that you can take advantage of to get rid of those fat deposits for good.

Cryolipolisis is one of those methods for fat reduction.

Fat Freezing Treatments Explained

The demand for more effective and less painful tools to remove belly fat has led to the development of some excellent technology today.

While there are laser treatments that can reduce fat and add contours to your torso without any complications, if you have smaller problem areas, and are looking for a more targeted approach to reducing your belly fat, the new trend of Fat Freezing may be perfect for you.

While laser therapies use heat to burn and melt fatty deposits in your skin, the freezing technique uses a specially-designed technology called cryolipolysis to freeze your fatty cells.

This freezing stops them from expanding or growing until they are disposed of by the body through natural means.

One of the biggest contributors to the success of the fat freezing technique is its effectiveness at sculpting the affected areas.

After this session, fat cells in your body will reduce by anywhere between about 25% and 30%. Each treatment can remove between 25-30% of fat in the area being treated.

Moreover, this is a non-invasive procedure that leaves no visible scars and requires barely any recovery time – you don’t even need to take time off work.

Why You Need To Contact Lose It With Laser To Discuss Fat Freezing

As with all equipment used for various treatments, not all machines are created equal.

At Lose it with Laser, we have an FDA approved machine. This means it has been proven to give you results.

Don’t take a chance and spend money without the assurance that you will see a difference with each session.

To learn much more about fat freezing in Melbourne and if it is right for you, contact Lose It With Laser today.