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At Lose it With Laser, we have state of the art FDA approved laser machine for safe and effective hair removal for all skin colours as well as an FDA approved IPL machine for various skin treatments.

We have a beautiful newly appointed laser salon in Box Hill with plenty of free parking, EFTPOS facility, and flexible hours.

But more important than all of the above is our friendly and down to earth approach, making you feel comfortable from the moment you enter our laser hair removal salon.
You can talk to us about what it is that you wish was just a little bit lighter, smoother, or clearer.

At Lose It With Laser, we are here to listen and help you become a more beautiful you. IPL therapy offered by Lose It With Laser involves the use of an intense beam of light that can improve colour, consistency, and texture of the skin all at once and provides a non-invasive way to get the changes you want, without having to hide for weeks, or sometimes months in recovery. Our services range from Hair Removal to Skin Treatments such as Skin Rejuvenation, Pigmentation Treatments, as well as treatments for Vascular Lesions and Acne.

Come and share your concerns with our therapist during a FREE initial consultation and patch test.

Laser Hair Removal

People concerned about unwanted facial hair or excessive hair on their body would greatly benefit from visiting our laser salon in Box Hill. We are available to remove hair on the body, including arms, legs, underarm, and more.

Beautify your skin today

Looking for a cheap laser hair removal service in Box Hill? Contact Lose It With Laser today on 0432 162 8620432 162 862 to share your concerns with our therapist during a free initial consultation and patch test.

hair removal

Take charge of your body and your day.
Don’t be a slave to waxing appointments and tedious shaving rituals.
Laser can give you the freedom to wake up and leave home with the confidence
of smooth skin.
skin treatments

Using this revolutionary beauty technique, multiple concerns can be treated
without disruption to the skin’s surface.
A smoother, clearer complexion can be yours with the “flash of light”!

Teeth Whitening

Lose It With Laser have a teeth whitening service that will restore the whiteness of discoloured teeth, giving our clients something to smile about.