LED Therapy

LED (light emitting diode) therapy is also known as Photodynamic therapy (PDT). It is a painless and even relaxing treatment that uses various wavelengths of light to address many skin conditions. LED lamps generate no heat so there is no risk of burning.

Specific wavelength of red light penetrates into the layers of skin where fibroblasts, when stimulated increase the production of collagen. It is also there, that tissue repairing, renewing and healing of damaged and scarred skin takes place.
It has been shown that with a course of treatments over time, there is a reduction of pore size, wrinkles, and the healing time required for blemishes to clear up.
LED is also an excellent add on therapy to help recover from plastic surgery and some more aggressive peels and laser treatments in the fight against ageing.
NIR light (near infra-red) is even more effective in the mission to soften fine lines and wrinkles. Using this safe invisible to the eye wavelength of light, optimum stimulation of energy by the skin cells achieves best outcomes.
But…not all LED lamps are made equal! At Lose it with Laser, our LED lamp does have the NIR light available.
It is the combination of these two wavelengths that has been proven to achieve the best results in collagen stimulation and scar repair therapy.

Specific wavelength of blue light targets the strain of bacteria that is the main culprit for acne. The light stimulates the production of oxygen radicals that kill the “P. acnes” bacteria without damaging the healthy skin. It is best for mild to moderate inflammatory acne. Also an excellent alternative for those who are unable to tolerate harsh topical prescription
products due to harsh side effects, such as excessive peeling. Alternatively, it can also be
used as an add on therapy to compliment other treatments such as IPL, medication, peels, and dermabrasion treatments.
Blue Light Therapy does not cause any redness or irritation and can be of great benefit to control embarrassing breakouts on the face and body such as the back and chest.

Combining Blue and Red Light Therapy gives the skin a ‘one-two punch’ treatment. Existing scarring is treated with the red light while the blue light works on stopping the cycle of acne by destroying the associated “P. acnes ‘ bacteria.

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