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In Melbourne, Blackburn

About Femsculpt

Femsculpt uses high intensity focused electromagnetic energy, which triggers such high intensity muscular contractions that cannot be replicated in a real workout session. Whilst it has been shown that results equivalent to 6 months of dieting and exercise can be achieved, it is not meant to replace a healthy diet and exercise.

After the recommended 4 sessions, (2 times a week for 2 weeks), you can expect approximately 19% of the fat cells to be removed by the lymphatic system and to experience a 16% increase in muscle mass. With this increase of muscle mass, the body will also benefit from a higher metabolic rate that continues well after the treatments are completed.

In one 30 minute treatment, there are approximately 20,000 muscular contractions. Instead of endless sweaty workout sessions to work off those stubborn fat deposits, come in and lay down and let this latest technology do the work for you while you relax or read a book.

Whilst there are no side effects, those who have metal or electronics inside their body such as pacemakers are not permitted to undertake this treatment.

Femsculpt Pricing

4 Sessions – $1,000.00 (recommended minimum course)
$320.00 per session

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