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Body Treatments

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Body Treatments

Are you sick of pushing yourself to the limits and eating so healthy but still can’t get that body that you are striving for?

Hitting the gym certainly has its benefits to your health and well being, but it can seem almost impossible to spot treat certain parts of your body. Whether you are wanting to target those not so loveable ‘love handles’, inner or outer thighs, ‘bat wing’ arms, back fat or tummy fat, you can now attack these specific areas with our FDA approved technology which means they have been proven to work!

If cellulite and loose skin is your issue, BODY CONTOURING is the best way to resolve those issues. Weekly treatments will have you beach ready and it is widely understood that summer bodies are made in winter.

If you have stubborn fat deposits that just won’t budge, CRYOLIPOLISIS is an effective way to kill those unwanted fat cells once and for all! Proven to reduce the volume of fat by 20-30% after just one treatment, this relatively easy treatment can be undertaken during your lunch hour. Follow up treatments can be done 4-6 weeks later, giving the lymphatic system time to naturally expel the crystallised fat cells.

Whilst not compulsory, it is highly recommended to combine the two treatments where fat deposits are being worked on, in order to achieve the best outcome. The body contouring treatments will ensure that the skin doesn’t appear loose as a result of the reduction in the volume of fat.

Packages can be tailored to suit the individual’s needs, so call today to book a consultation with our friendly staff.


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