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The Amazing Sunspot Disappearing Act with IPL treatments in Melbourne

When you were frolicking in the sun, flirting with boys, and wearing that teeny tiny bikini some twenty years ago, it never occurred to you that there might be repercussions. If someone had told your rebellious teenaged self that your skin would be sorry, you would have boldly laughed and dismissed it. Ageing had felt like something that happened to other people. Not you – you were going to have perfectly-toned and smooth and bronzed and flawless skin forever.

Now here you are with these brown patches rising by the minute. Well, maybe not truly by the minute but you certainly feel as desperate as if they were! Age spots! Even the name is horrible! However, there is something you can do about it.

At Lose It With Laser in Melbourne, we provide FDA approved IPL treatments for sun damaged skin. This intense beam of broad spectrum light ultimately tricks the lower level of skin into thinking it’s been injured and thus produces large amounts of natural collagen. The pigment is then safely absorbed into the body and removed through the lymphatic system.

IPL treatments are non-invasive, so there’s little to no downtime and no pain. Our trained and caring staff in Melbourne can assist you with IPL treatments and many other services to accommodate your beauty and cosmetic needs.

With three kids and a busy schedule you have outgrown those flirtatious summers. Now you save all that flirting for your amazing husband. You still want to have beautiful skin. You still want to feel beautiful. You still are beautiful! With our IPL treatments in Melbourne, you’ll be able to remember just how beautiful!