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Christine is the only one I’ll see

Christine is fantastic!!!

I’m not good when it it comes to beauty, pain, make up or anything ‘girly’ and this will never see anyone but Christine!

Christine is lovely, friendly, knowledgeable, honest, hard working and knows exactly what she’s talking about

I could go to the local shopping centre or anywhere really but I’ll only see Christine as she’s the only one I trust!

Her business acumen is second to none.

She sent me a text recently asking how I was; remembered me from years ago (spelled my name right which most don’t!) and I couldn’t wait to return!

She works 5 days a week from 9am until 8 pm and ensures her clients are cared for.

She is really brilliant and you can do no better!

Coming from the person who knows the least about skin care and os often too nervous to try…well Christine will make you feel at ease!

If I can do it..haha..anyone can with Christine.

Thank you very much Christine!

(P.s. my teeth are awesome white!)

Fiona Gibson

Christine is the most wonderful,

Christine is the most wonderful, engaging and professional beauty therapist I could ever ask for. Her Laser hair removal service is one of the best things that I have done and has made getting ready for a swim,Netball game or a night out so much easier as I no longer have to think about whether I shaved my armpits or legs. Before I started I was a bit scared about what it would involve but Christine made me feel super comfortable from the get go!! She goes the extra mile in order to make sure that you, as the customer, are happy and that the result is the best one possible. I could not be happier with my results and cannot recommend Christine’s services enough,!!!

Rachael Macaulay

Ive been to many different

Ive been to many different Ipl places, and I haven’t seen results like I have here. Real results can’t thank you enough and really reasonably priced!

Olivia Pryor

Best Laser treatment around by Christine

Christine is an amazing therapist who expertly provides laser hair removal – results are amazing! Body contouring is an exciting new treatment now she offers plus her teeth whitening and micro dermabrasion are great quick treatments too! I have sent over 6 people to see Christine to sort out their hair removal problems and they have all loved her friendly manner and been very happy with the treatment she provided!

Eliza Schenck

Fantastic Results

Christine provided a great service using laser on my legs ,after having always waxed i now have no hair regrowth and would highly recommend her, very professional friendly and reasonably priced.

Mark Guiney
Lower plenty

Body Contouring

I just LOVE this treatment!
It has worked so well on me. My legs improved a lot and reduced on size too.

Christine is an excellent therapist and a wonderful human being.

Coming to her clinic is the perfect combination on relaxing, being in good company and getting the benefits of her therapies.

Laser hair removal also changed my look for good. After a few treatments all my unwanted hair disappeared permanently. ….. this is such a nice result.

Thanks Christine for your good work your are an outstanding therapist and a sweet friend.

Maria R
Mount Waverley

Fantastic Service & the best customer service

Christine provided a great service using laser on my legs ,after having always waxed i now have no hair regrowth and would highly recommend her, very professional friendly and reasonably priced.

Blackburn South


This was my first time doing Laser Hair removal, it was a great experience, the lady was very friendly and made me feel very comfortable!


Monique McCarthy

I was a it nervous initially and Christine was so patient and understanding, she took it slow and I came out excited to never have to shave my armpits or feel them get itchy again! Not as scary as I thought it’d be and wish I’d done it sooner ? thanks Christine!

Monique McCarthy
Box Hill

Microdermabrasion & Micro Needling

Christine did a microdermabrasion and then micro needling for me.
She thoroughly explained the whole process so I knew exactly what to expect.
The whole procedure was painless. Christine educated and reassured me every step of the
My skin has improved significantly and I have a healthy glow which I have not had for many years.
I definitely recommend the treatment for those who are recognising the signs of ageing on their face despite
good skin care.
She offers a very competitive price ( I shopped around) but despite the cost, I went to lose it with laser because I trust Christine
implicitly and know she is a true professional and an expert at what she does.
Highly recommended!!
Thanks Christine
Mel x

Melanie Goldby-Foard

Christine is absolutely amazing! Knows

Christine is absolutely amazing! Knows absolutely everything that shes talking about and gotten the most amazing results with laser hair removal. 5 Star!!!

Kate Jones

Extremely happy!

I am so happy with the results that I have had with lasering much of my body with Christine at Lose it with Laser. I highly recommend her to anyone who has been thinking about getting it done . She is very friendly and definitely gets you good results. I wish I had done it sooner. My friend didn’t get good results somewhere else but Christine is amazing!!

Beena Chand

Extremely Happy

Before I even start saying how great the results were, I just want to praise Christine on her positive and great attitude towards me and other clients.
I’ve been seeing Christine for a few months now and I’ve come to trust her with everything she does. I highly recommend people to come down and try a few things with Christine. I always leave happy and feeling good about the results.

I started with microdermabrasion, I recommend this to everyone (I tend to pick my face even at the little bumps) microdermabrasion is so relaxing and cleans everything out of your pores. The extraction don’t hurt either, Christine uses this electric machine that helps pushes out all that gross stuff in your pores. It doesn’t leave any bruising or marks either! The results are visible the next day. Your skin will be so smooth.

I’ve also tried LED, I usually stick with the blue lights when I get LED done. My skin has improved so much after having started with LED, it goes great with microdermabrasion. It will help settle all those little bumps that come out of no where. My issue is my forehead and chin, but since doing LED everything has shrunk down.
There is no pain with LED, all you need to do is lay there and led the machines do all the work. You will see the results straight away, this is my number one thing I get done at least once a fortnight. I just love the feeling and how good my skin looks after.

Body contouring is the new trend at the moment.
I work out 3-4 times a week but can never get rid of those pockets on the top of my legs. Body contouring is so safe and targets the specific areas you want work done on.
I couldn’t believe the results I got after one session on my stomach. I lost 1cm on my waist after doing my first session.
There’s minimal pain to body contouring, this would be another thing I would recommend for you to try.
It’s safe and clearly shrinks down your stubborn areas.

everything that I’ve had done has made me feel better about myself. My confidence with my face has improved heaps. I highly recommend you to try this out!

Stella pappas