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When you visit Lose it with Laser, we can produce real results to improve your skin without causing any trauma to the skin. Our friendly team listens to your concerns so that we can deliver the results that you want each and every time. The LED therapy in Box Hill is a non-invasive and pain-free treatment that uses various wavelengths to assist with many different types of skin conditions. Before you begin your first treatment, we perform a free patch test so that we can guarantee the best results.

Our LED therapy in Box Hill provides a therapeutic approach to resolving a wide range of skin conditions using specific wavelengths that can penetrate layers of skin through combining blue light and red light therapy. This therapeutic approach stimulates the production of collagen to assist tissue repair and decreases healing time in damaged or scarred skin. Our technology can even support recovery from plastic surgery and annoying, aggressive skin peels. The use of LED therapy can even remove signs of ageing from the skin by decreasing pore size and eliminating unwanted wrinkles.

The blue light wavelength is so powerful that it can target the bacteria that causes unsightly and hard to control acne on your skin. This option can help resolve mild to moderate acne. This therapy does not cause any redness or irritation of the skin after treatment. No matter what condition your skin is in, LED therapy in Box Hill can meet your needs.