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The Upside of Facial Peels in Box Hill

If you didn’t already know about the benefits of facial peels in Box Hill, you might have been missing out. No worries, though, we can fill you in on these amazing treatments and how they can improve your look. First and foremost, what is a peel? You may be thinking of a devastating treatment that will leave you super sensitive, but that isn’t necessarily the case. A peel is just a process to exfoliate the skin, removing the topmost layer and promoting cell turnover. This type of skin rejuvenation results in a new layer of skin, improving your skin texture, evening out your skin tone, reducing fine lines, etc. The look and feel of the skin is vastly improved, blemished such as age spots, freckles, dark patches, acne, and more will be under control.

A more youthful appearance is something just about everyone can benefit from, no? Who will benefit most from facial peels in Box Hill? There’s a misconception that they will only work on fair-skinned and light-haired individuals. While they might have enhanced results from the treatment, the truth is that people with darker skin still get good results, depending on what they are using the facial peel to treat.

We can help you choose the correct treatment that will work best for you, of course. Come to Lose it with Laser and see how facial peels in Box Hill can improve your overall look. You’ll be surprised by the results! Give us a call on 0432 162 862 to learn more about this and the other services that we provide.