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Lose it with Laser Delivers LED Therapy to Surrey Hills

It’s yet another blemish. You stare into the mirror and sigh, poking a pimple with your finger and wondering why acne still proves such a concern. You’ve long since left your teen years behind – so why must you suffer from the same red dots, white cysts, and every bump in between? This seems decidedly unfair.

Lose it with Laser agrees. Blemishes are a common frustration, with the Acne Organisation noting that 25% of adult men and 50% of adult women experience both facial and body incidences. For some, these incidences are all too frequent – leaving them reaching for the concealer and tugging down their hat brims.

We suggest a more viable solution – connecting patients to LED therapy in Surrey Hills. Rejuvenate your skin and battle adult acne through our Blue Light programme.

This LED therapy in Surrey Hills provides non-invasive relief, utilising penetrative blue wavelengths to target Propionibacterium acnes (P Acnes). These pathogens feed on the fatty acids within the body’s pores, causing inflammation and irritation as they expand. This eventually triggers breakouts. Through our programme, however, precise pulses of light are sent across the pores – cleansing them of contaminants and improving overall tone, texture, and appearance.

We help our patients achieve the stunning skin they deserve, with our LED therapy in Surrey Hills directly combating bacteria. Reinvigorate your pores and your confidence alike.

To learn more about our Blue Light therapy contact us today via phone (0432-162-862) or our online form.