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Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair, with Laser Hair Removal in Melbourne.

It’s that constant battle all summer long. The dreaded growth of hair. The ongoing management and landscaping of our bodies. The confidence boost that comes with freshly shaved legs, or a waxed upper lip. Then a few days later, it all disappears as the hair begins to grow back even thicker and darker than it was before.

What if there was a way you could manage your hair growth in such a way that it grows back minimally – in both density and colour. What if there was a way that virtually removed all traces of unwanted hair from your body? Well now thanks to Lose It With Laser hair removal in Melbourne, there is!

Painful laser treatments that are only available for light skin tones are now a thing of the past thanks to the new FDA approved state of the art SHR Diode laser! Laser hair removal in Melbourne has never been more painless than it is now. The new laser technology available today invites a gliding motion rather than a zapping motion, significantly reducing the pain associated with laser hair removal. Melbourne girls with tanned or darker skin tones can now also benefit from this incredibly effective technology.

Give up those tedious waxing appointments and bin that razor! Call us today and see how laser hair removal can help you. Phone 0432 162 862 to book a free initial information consultation and patch test with our friendly consultants.