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Lose It With Laser: Cellulite Reduction Treatment in Melbourne

Blue UV lights are common in the treatment of skin conditions, but did you know that red light therapy gets deeper into the tissues, penetrating them more and having a deeper impact? This is possible because the wavelengths red light transmits are longer. The deeper this light gets into tissues, the more it stimulates the body in producing collagen. It also reduces inflammation. These things combine to ensure a speedier turnover of the dead skin cells and the growth of new ones.

Cellulite is often attributed to the breakdown of collagen in the skin. Cellulite reduction treatment in Melbourne from Lose It With Laser increases the production of natural collagen, counteracting the primary cellulite causing factor! No longer are those spotty, cottage cheese like areas something you just have to endure! Cellulite reduction treatment in Melbourne visibly reduces the appearance of cellulite, giving you the confidence back to wear shorts or bikinis with pride again!

To see how red light therapy could be your cellulite reduction treatment in Melbourne, call our office to arrange an initial consultation on 0432 162 862. Here our trained, friendly and super-helpful staff will go through any questions with you, explaining the procedures and their benefits in detail, and answering any queries you may have. Congratulations on taking that first step to wash away those cellulite marks and claim back that confidence. We look forward to working with you to get the look you’re after.