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Do you have some acne scarring from your teenage years? It’s more common that you might think for people to show the signs of pot-marking from teen acne, even into their thirties and beyond. At Lose It With Laser we provide LED Therapy to Melbourne customers aimed at combatting the dreaded acne markings.

Lose It With Laser LED Therapy provides Melbourne residents with a double dose of acne fighting super powers! The dual coloured lights provide for all round acne management. The blue light targets the bacteria known to cause breakouts, while the red light targets the scarring points of previous breakouts. The LEDs generate no heat, and the pain-free procedure is a relaxing way to treat your skin conditions.

Red light therapy is also effective in the reduction of those fine lines and wrinkles on the face, reducing their dominance and appearance. Largely due to the production of collagen that the LED’s stimulate, tissues across the face are renewed and repaired, significantly reducing the appearance of scarring, repairing damaged skin, reducing pore sizes, and softening the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

To see how our combination of the blue and red light LED therapy in Melbourne can best benefit you and your skin, call our office on 0432 162 862 to arrange an appointment with our friendly and professional consultants.

We also offer laser hair removal, skin pigmentation treatments, teeth whitening, cellulite reduction treatment, and advice as well as other facial treatments. Ask how we can help you today!