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Keep your Outside Aligned with the Vital Inner You with Microdermabrasion Treatment

It’s finally happened. You’ve arrived at that point in your life when makeup no longer hides the big flaws. Or even the little flaws. You thought when you got to this age you’d settle into it with a sort of comfort. Maybe throw caution to the wind and even let your hair go grey.

But hold on! You’ve discovered something quite enlightening about yourself. You aren’t ready to look old! You thought when you got to this age; you’d feel old, and so appearing old would just go hand in hand. However, the truth is you still feel great inside. You’ve never eaten better or had the time to take such great care of yourself. You’ve been feeling more like a teenager than a “woman of a certain age”.

At Lose It With Laser, our microdermabrasion treatment in Box Hill can get your exterior back in sync with your inner self. You don’t have to take the slowing down of cell renewal lying down! Many women today choose to live making healthy food choices and with consistent physical health practices. It’s only natural to want that same lifestyle and youthfulness to reflect in your skin.

At our Box Hill office, our trained staff can help you choose a treatment plan specific to your beauty needs. Microdermabrasion can be a sole treatment or a compliment to one of our many other services including IPL or peels.

You have worked hard to create an energetic and more youthful body. Let us give you beautiful smooth skin that reflects this. Call us today at 0432 162 862 and get your best skin ever!