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Put Your Best Face Forward with Microdermabrasion Treatment

You just don’t get it. You are at the end of a bottle of supposed “magic” wherein you were promised that in six short weeks you would have healthy and youthful skin again. Looking at yourself in the mirror, all you see is the same dry, flaky-skinned woman you saw six weeks ago. The only different being – she’s just about a hundred bucks poorer.

At Lose It With Laser we know how to get you the results you want without any potions or magic tricks. With microdermabrasion treatment at our Melbourne office, your skin really will look smoother and tighter. We don’t rely on silly promises but rather on science.

As we age, cell rejuvenation slows down markedly. Renewal cycles go from about every 28 days to 50 days. The result is dull looking skin. With microdermabrasion treatment, we pass a diamond-tipped wand over the skin to remove the top dead skin layer.

Not only will microdermabrasion treatment rejuvenate your cells but it also stimulates collagen production. We would love for you to call on us at our Melbourne office for a consultation.

We know you will see concrete results. You will love the way your skin feels and by proxy, the way you feel inside. We understand that part of feeling good is feeling confident. We can help you design a beauty treatment plan that can get you back to your most beautiful skin, and with all that money you’ll save on potions, you might even treat yourself to a new dress to go with that great new look!