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The Microneedling Burwood Experts

Are you looking for a natural way to promote the return of collagen to your skin? You have come to the right place! Lose It With Laser has the most updated solution with an exciting new technology. Our techniques are renown for helping fight the signs of aging, scarring, stretch marks, and pigmentation. Undoubtedly, we’re the microoneedling Burwood experts!

Our skilled and experienced team of professional skin technicians will help you to obtain a vibrant fresher appearance with the help of the renewal and replacement of your skin cells. Lose It With Laser specialize in microneedling which will increase the vital elastin production in your face.

We all know there are a million and one skin treatments available today, yet few of them provide a treatment that stimulates the body’s natural response to fight the signs of aging.

The microneedling Burwood procedure involves the use of an automated pen with a disposable cartridge of very fine needles. The micro punctures that are created on the skin trigger the body’s natural wound healing process which results in increased collagen and elastin production. As there is minimal damage to the upper layer of the skin, the superficial needle holes close very rapidly, making this a minimally invasive procedure.

Microneedling Burwood Microneedling Blackburn Microdermabrasion Burwood

How Does Microneedling Work?

The Power Of Microchannels

Our procedure creates tiny holes which facilitate microchannels.  Then, these microchannels form and allow the beneficial properties of serums to penetrate deeper into the skin. After that, those tiny pinpricks kick start your skin to rejuvenate itself. Hence, collagen and elastin production is stimulated.

Our promise to you is an improvement in the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and pores.


What Happens During The Treatment?

Microneedling is performed after a topical numbing cream has been left on the skin for approximately 20 minutes to ensure a more comfortable treatment. Then, we will use either a dermaroller that contains tiny pinpricks or a dermapen across the surface of the skin to promote collagen production.

Following the procedure, pinpoint bleeding can be expected. This settles very quickly and by the time the treatment is over, the only visible after effect is some redness and possibly some swelling. It is a sign of the desired inflammation in the skin. However, this may persist for a few days.

Finally, the thickening of the skin that results from increased cell turnover and the renewal process is a good sign. This means a very real improvement is visible after each treatment within 15 days. Moreover, it will keep improving over the following 3-4 weeks.

Depending on the desired outcome, a number of treatments may be recommended, spaced 4 weeks apart. We also offer Microneedling treatment in Surrey Hill.

How Will Microneedling Burwood Help My Skin?

  Reduces skin imperfections – Microneedling Burwood treatment will help promote the natural auto-repair mechanisms of your skin. Thus, new cells will replace imperfections.

  Increased effectiveness of skin serums – Now that the microchannels have been created, your skin will be more respondent to the vitamins and serums contained in treatments.

  Improves skin cell response – Skin cells will be enhanced and communicate more effectively. This means the barrier function, collagen and elastin of your skin will improve.

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