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Flash Those Pearly Whites with Confidence, with Teeth Whitening at our Melbourne Clinic

Teeth whitening isn’t a new concept. After all, who doesn’t want the confidence boost that comes with having fresh-looking, white teeth? Our smile is one of our most marketable features and often the thing that strangers and business professional alike first notice about us.

Many services that promote teeth whitening in Melbourne do just that, but often it is at the expense of the health of your teeth. Hydrogen peroxide is the simplest form of bleach, so it is no wonder you will find it used in the whitening treatments of teeth almost everywhere. Did you know, though, that such products also drain the necessary moisture required for healthy teeth and gums? Whitening with hydrogen peroxide also means that in the long term, the shade won’t hold, and treatments will need to be continued over and over again, causing further dehydration.

Many other teeth whitening providers do so using UV lighting. Again, a known agent for whitening, did you know that over long periods of time, these lights can damage the enamel of your teeth?

At Lose It With Laser, our teeth whitening services in Melbourne have taken these factors into account when sourcing the ultimate, safe and healthy teeth whitening procedures. Using LED lamps and their cold light technology, we assure you of no damage to the tooth enamel, and less fade in colour over time.

Call us today on 0432 162 862 to see how teeth whitening in Melbourne can safely improve your confidence!