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Teeth Whitening Burwood

The best Teeth Whitening Burwood has to offer is what Lose it with Laser provides. A great smile doesn’t only change the way people view you but also ensures that your confidence is boosted. We at Lose it with Laser provide you the best Teeth Whitening in Burwood at the most affordable price.

With our advanced technology, we will bring the best of your sparkling white teeth and provide professional LED teeth whitening in Burwood.

Teeth Whitening Burwood
Teeth Whitening Burwood

Teeth Whitening Options – Types of Gel

Hydrogen Peroxide Free Teeth Whitening Gel:

If you do not want to get your teeth whitened with our hydrogen peroxide gel, then you can choose our peroxide free gel. It contains Sodium bicarbonate which is a common ingredient of most toothpaste aimed for whitening teeth but in lowe concentration. With our peroxide-free formula, our LED Teeth whitening provides high levels of Sodium Bicarbonate which has been a famous and great alternative to teeth whitening.

Hydrogen Peroxide  Teeth Whitening Gel:

At Lose it with Laser, we also have an option to use Hydrogen peroxide in the diluted concentration to provide teeth whitening. Unlike Sodium Bicarbonate, a higher concentration of peroxide isn’t good for your teeth and thus we ensure that we use the right amount of dilution for whitening your teeth.

We have two types of Hydrogen Peroxide Gel:

  • Strong Gel
  • Super Strong Gel

What are the causes of your discolored teeth?

There are plenty of reasons for your teeth losing its original beautiful white color. And because we cannot reverse the time, let’s see if you can notice and restraint some of these following activities:

  • Beverages and drinks: Coffee, tea, wines, soft drinks are definitely one of the most common causes. Besides, certain fruits and vegetables such as apples and potatoes can also stain your teeth.
  • Smoking or chewing tobacco: It is indeed hard to say goodbye to your daily cigarettes but it is one of the worst causes of your stained and yellowed teeth.
  • Daily dental hygiene: This practice comes with time. If your daily dental hygiene routine is not correct, your teeth are undoubtedly suffering from it. For example, inadequate brushing, flossing and rinsing with an antiseptic mouthwash.
  • Disease and medication: such as antibiotics medications.
  • Advancing age and genetics: Sometimes, tooth discoloration does not come from your own will and even unavoidable.

However, it is now shouldn’t be one of your worries anymore. Teeth Whitening Burwood will help you get back your sparkling smile in no time!

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