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Before I even start saying how great the results were, I just want to praise Christine on her positive and great attitude towards me and other clients.
I’ve been seeing Christine for a few months now and I’ve come to trust her with everything she does. I highly recommend people to come down and try a few things with Christine. I always leave happy and feeling good about the results.

I started with microdermabrasion, I recommend this to everyone (I tend to pick my face even at the little bumps) microdermabrasion is so relaxing and cleans everything out of your pores. The extraction don’t hurt either, Christine uses this electric machine that helps pushes out all that gross stuff in your pores. It doesn’t leave any bruising or marks either! The results are visible the next day. Your skin will be so smooth.

I’ve also tried LED, I usually stick with the blue lights when I get LED done. My skin has improved so much after having started with LED, it goes great with microdermabrasion. It will help settle all those little bumps that come out of no where. My issue is my forehead and chin, but since doing LED everything has shrunk down.
There is no pain with LED, all you need to do is lay there and led the machines do all the work. You will see the results straight away, this is my number one thing I get done at least once a fortnight. I just love the feeling and how good my skin looks after.

Body contouring is the new trend at the moment.
I work out 3-4 times a week but can never get rid of those pockets on the top of my legs. Body contouring is so safe and targets the specific areas you want work done on.
I couldn’t believe the results I got after one session on my stomach. I lost 1cm on my waist after doing my first session.
There’s minimal pain to body contouring, this would be another thing I would recommend for you to try.
It’s safe and clearly shrinks down your stubborn areas.

everything that I’ve had done has made me feel better about myself. My confidence with my face has improved heaps. I highly recommend you to try this out!

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Christine Atmatzidis

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